Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hathway Cable Modem Secrets

The hathway cable modem specifically Cisco 2100 cable modem has got some secret web UI which can be accessed be navigating

System page displays the information related the modem hardware, software details. The remaining three tabs signal, status & log are not accessble as these are only accessible to priviledged users. Access to these pages can be acheived after login

The default password for Access Level2 is W2402. On successful login below page will appear.

Here click on return to Main Page and we will be redirected to the first page but now we will be able to access the system, signal & log pages.

Apart from these pages there are some other secrets pages like

Remember: Do not modify any of the setting on any page.


Anonymous said...

You have provided great information, dnt know how you know this...but hathway is a big cheater, Its Signal never comes properly, is there any way by which i can virus hathway syatems and take revenge...

Anonymous said...


Open your command prompt from windwows machine
Type below commands to inject virus to hathway systems

C:>please inject virus
C:>Hathway Cables
C:>Injecting Virus!#%$#&^#(*@*#&#%^#$#&^#&^#%
C:>You have successfully injeced virus to hathway systems
C:>now your system will reboot to take it affect

Anonymous said...

Secret page for changing bitrate