Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to Pass XML as a parameter to XSLT in TIBCO

XSLT is extensively used in the areas where XML transformation is needed. Generally it is used to transfer one xml form to another. However if there are multiple XML’s and the output xml needs to be derived from the set of values in more than one xml’s then XSLT provides you the provision to pass the multiple XML’s as parameter to XSLT.
In this post we will take two XML’s and the output will be generated based on the values from both the XML.
Before implementing it in BW, in order to test in and debug properly let’s see how this can be done using any XSLT editor like Altova XML SPY. The two XML files used in the example are:-
The XSLT file ‘Transform_Editor.xslt’ is the XSLT used to transform the XML.
In order to do it in Tibco you will need a little modification in XSLT i.e. you need not to pass the parameter as ‘document’.
I have shared the sample BW code.
To download all the artifacts use in this post as a single zip file, click here.

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