Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why,how and what is rooting android?

What is rooting?
In android each process runs under a seprate user identity and the privilege of root user has been restricted by platform but there are certain hacks using which one can achieve root access and process of gaining the root access is known as rooting. The basic process of rooting includes following steps
  1. Remounting of /system with read/write access.
  2. Copying the patched binary of su into /system/bin/.
  3. Installation of superuser application (Available in market)
How to root my android?
There are many application using which you can root android but i prefer SuperClick utlitiy which is pretty simple and lets you root/unroot android. You can read more or download super click from

Why do i require the to root access?
Root access is mostly require to do hacks like inserting module any external kernal module using insmod, accessing/modifcation of system files etc. A normal user never requires root access for performing basic operations.

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