Sunday, March 13, 2011

Move To Tray

MoveToTray can move any program from taskbar to system notification area (beside the clock). Just press Ctrl+Alt+M (Move to tray shortcut key) and it will move the active application to the system tray. Once an application is moved to system tray it can be moved back to the taskbar by double click on the application icon in system tray.


Anonymous said...

There is a typo on the help screen: "applicaiton"

Anonymous said...

Can you change the hotkey to user-defined? Because Ctrl-Alt-M is the hotkey for Nvidia System Monitor and is not changeable so anyone with Nvidia motherboard can't use Move-to-tray.

Unknown said...

I really like it.. Cute and nifty little software..

Any chance it would be possible to add a feature to save what apps I want to minimize?

Say every time I start spotify I want it minimized..

Keep the coding up..

CodeJunction said...

Thanks for your suggestions and comments.

The next version will have the option of having user defined hot key combination.

CodeJunction said...

I will implement it and will release it in next build.

Thanks for such a nice suggestion.

CodeJunction said...

and yaa i will correct that typo also. thanks

Rmx said...

can you teach me how to make one. I wanna study making programs. If its using vb can you teach me the script . Please

Juan Francisco Monachesi said...

It's a fantastic app.
I've been looking for this for a long time, unfortunatelly I was looking to hide the Windows 7 Resource Monitor and it doesn't work in that one.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you may want to add a facebook button to your website. I just bookmarked the site, although I had to make this manually. Just my $.02 :)

Sughosh said...

Great app... thanks..

Anonymous said...

Trendmicro doesn't like your download site. I really want your app, but right now I cannot trust it. Here is the error message:

Client/Server Security Agent
Page Blocked
Rating: Dangerous
Threat details:
Verified fraudulent page or threat source.

wagner reatto said...

I liked the program. very simple and does what it says it does. I have another suggestion: do a restore of the application with one click only. moreover, all great.

Anonymous said...

Nice app. This functionality should be built into the OS.

Another suggestion is to allow the Move to Tray icon itself to be hidden. It really doesn't offer anything, so I don't need it taking up more system tray space.

Zequez said...

This comes very handy! Thanks ^^

Nigel said...

I second the comment made by Juan Francisco Monachesi above: it is a fantastic program but I wish it worked with Resource Monitor...

Sasha said...

Hello there! From Russland with Love!
Nice program, work great on my win10x64, but icon in tray i don't see (black to black).
Can you do new version with white icon or feature to change icon.
THX, sorry for my bad english;)

Anonymous said...

Can (and or wil) you provide an lighter color icon for MoveToTray?
I'm using a black taskbar in Win10, and the MTT icon is not visible (i only see a black spot between the other icons).



José Carlos said...


Thanks for this litle big program.

There ir any way to change / personalize the shortcut keys! CRTL + ALT + M isin't practic! Sugestion: insted of combination of keys, maybe only just press exemple CTRL + Minimize Button in any aplication to minimize would be simple and just fine.

Sorry for english mistakes

Patt P. said...

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