Sunday, September 14, 2014

Capture android HTTP traffic on Fiddler

Fiddler is windows application for debugging HTTP traffic. It can also be used to capture HTTP traffic from a android device to analyse or debug any android HTTP application. To capture HTTP traffic Fiddler setup a web proxy server and monitor any traffic flowing through the proxy. By default  fiddler proxy service listens on the loopback adapter only due to which this proxy cannot be used by other application. Follow these steps to enable remote connections to Fiddler proxy and steps to define this proxy in android.

Step 1: To enable fiddler to accept remote connection goto Tools->Fiddler Options->Connections in Fiddler and Enable "Allow remote computers to connect". Also not the port number on which fiddler proxy listens default port is 8888.

Step 2: Using ipconfig find out IP address of fiddler's machine,

Step 3: Disable Firewall or add exception in firewall to allow fiddler for incoming connection.

Step 4: Now connect your android device to the same wifi network and goto wifi settings, long tap the connected wifi name and Now selet Modify Network option.

Step 5: Enable "Show advance options", set Proxy Settings to Manual then put ip address and port of fiddler proxy server. Now start your application in android and debug the HTTP traffic in fiddler. Remember to remove proxy once your done with debugging.

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