Sunday, October 6, 2013

Auto Hathway Authentication is now available on Android Play Store

What is AHA?

Hathway internet users need to authenticate on hathway through a web page to start internet services. AHA short for Auto Hathway Authentication was the first application for Hathway Internet user which auto authenticates users to Hathway portal for internet connectivity. Initially AHA was developed in C#.NET for windows platform only but now the new version of AHA is available on Google PlayStore (PlayStore Link).

How It works?

Whenever you will turn on Wifi and connect to a Wifi network on your device then AHA will determine if network is having Hathway internet by detecting the Hathway modem. Once the modem is detected AHA will continue to check the internet connectivity. For internet connectivity it will ping web after every 30 to verify that the device has internet connectivity and if the ping result is negative then it will attempt to authenticate to Hathway.

Similarly if you will disconnect Wifi network or if your Wifi network has ISP other than hathway then AHA will disable itself so that it will not use resources on your device.


1. Install AHA from Play Store (PlayStore Link).
2. Open AHA and go to settings screen.
3. Enter your Hathway User Id and Password and Click on "Save Settings" button.
4. Now connect to your wifi network and AHA will do the rest whenver required.



Prateek Saxena said...

Hello sir. My modem is not given by Hathway. They only provided me the cable. I have my own router installed. That is tp-link. This app is not detecting it. What can i do?

anil soni said...

What is the model number of your router?

pspfreakboy said...

I am having the Same problem, it says Hathway Modem Not Detected. I have a TP-link TL-WR841N. Please help.

anil soni said...

TP-link TL-WR841N is a WIFI router where as AHA detects Hathway cable Modem which is generally a cisco cable modem. The cisco cable modem has a configuration page, try to open this page in your browser and see if you are able to reach to this page otherwise i think that your router is blocking connections or you might be having cable modem other cisco.

roshan kamblee said... can i acess hathway internet on my laptop as well as smartphone at the same time?I have a dlink router...plzzz help me

Anonymous said...

This app is working sometime but fails mqny times. Can you please share some basic debugging techniques.

Reclusive Life said...

Dear Anil...dis app was working beautifully until recently. For some strange reason i cant use the primary server of hathway i.e So i was told by hathway to use or 61 which can be accessed successfully on my mobile. Looka like AHA is configured to work only with 59 ip and hence isnt working for me. Can u pls suggest how this ip can be changed or pls provide an option to configure primary n alternate servers..otherwise the app was wonderful..thanks for ur effort in making our lives easier

Mitesh Kokare said...

Hiii.....I have same problem but After login it will auto log off after half an hour.....what should I do????

Digambar Kulkarni said...

This is a very useful app for android user
It was even better if it could logon to Hathaway and was associated with logout facility also

Mahendra Agarwal said...

This is not working on my android phone after Hathway changed the CIsco modem to Hathway modem model CM4 100

jang said...

This is not working on my android phone after i changed a plan to 50mb they changed a modem for supporting this plan.

Akhil Sadashivan said...

Sir iam using tenda modem...and this app is not working plz help..

nishad bandale said...

Sir you would be aware that hathway has now updated to new authentication method. So i request you to please provide update for app, that will help us to kepp logged on to hathway.