Saturday, April 27, 2013

Peformance improvement tweaks for CM10

On my momo9c i have CM10 but there were few performance issue. After some analysis i found that there were certain kernel modules which were not relevant to my needs or my device so i decided to remove them using following commands

#Remove ethernet modules
rmmod asix
rmmod mcs7830
rmmod qf9700
rmmod rtl8150
rmmod usbnet
rmmod gt2005

Also there minfree parameter were inappropriate for 512 MB which were making background application/services get kill by the lowmemorykiller module and making user experiance worst. I adjusted the minfree parameters of lowmemorykiller module using

#Adjust OOM minfree parameters
echo "1024,2048,4096,8192,10240,51200" > /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/minfree

Currently I have consolidated these commands into a scripts (download and i run the script after every boot but in future i will add a post to move them into /system/etc/init.local.rc or modify the init.rc and init.sun4i.rc.


Vivek Ojha said...

How did you identified these modules ? I have rooted my Galaxy tab 10.1 and have CM9 ...but it is responding very slow. Since then I was skeptical to go for CM10.

anil soni said...

@Vivek you have to use Android terminal emulator to run these commands. You can see the list of loaded modules using lsmod command.

Sniper said...

Hello Anil,

Your program is an amazing one and i have been using it on my dekstop and my tablet both your pc and Android versions for quiet some time now. I need your help with an router i use. Can you make a .MPK version of this authentication like a addon or extension for android or a browser. My router has a option to install .mpk extensions so i dont have to use my pc or a android device to perform the AHA for keeping my internet going. Any help is appreciated.