Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Android Auto Hathway Authentication


AHA is now AVAILABLE ON PLAY STORE. I will still keep this post and older version on dropbox but it is highly recommended to download AHA from PlayStore.Please read my the updated Post


Here it is, my first android app and the first version of AHA. The application is not yet published on android Play Store but will be added in future. As of now it can be downloaded from my dropbox

Here are the few screen shots

When wifi is enabled and if hathway modem is detected by the AHA then AHA will automatically authenticates you into the hathway network whenever required.

Use the setting screen to define your hathway user id and password.


Jeeva said...

Thanks..super tool

Kayash said...

Simply awesome, its working :-)
I would like to send a beer to the developer.
Let me know

Kayash said...

Dude why no repeat on internet check like in aha 1.3 on the android app :(
plz respond, if ur bored to do it, send me source files

Abhijit Panicker said...

Why does it take so long to connect once it has started? Any solutions for this?

Kaushikfrnd said...

doesn't work i am trying the windows app .... hope it works .... Nice try though thanks :)

Kaushikfrnd said...

can you say me the logic you use it would be a help . Are you sending curl or similar thing . Let me know bro thanks . I am struggling as i dont have widows and i want to login through my linux system

Anonymous said...

aha.exe is not able connect in last two days.

Can you please fix it.?

(plz see if you can share the code :

vinit desai said...

Hey Admin are there any chances of AHA for Mac or even IOS users? That'd be wonderful! Great work though.