Saturday, September 1, 2012

Auto Hathway Authentication v1.0.3

Here's another version of Auto Hathway Authentication v1.0.3.

Android AHA

New Features
1) Removed browser controls.
2) Added option to change the pooling interval. (minimum is 30 seconds and max can be 1800 seconds i.e. 30 minutes)
2) Now works with linux distro too!!!. Yes, now AHA can be run on linux distro like Fedora, Ubuntu etc. using mono runtime. Following are the instruction to run AHA on linux        
  • Extract AHA.exe into the user's home directory.
  • Install mono runtime and winform 2.0, using following command apt-get or yum
            sudo apt-get install mono-runtime libmono-winforms2.0-cil
  • Run AHA using following command
            mono AHA.exe
Screenshots of AHA running on Ubuntu


Anonymous said...

I have just installed this and hope it works well, could you take up doing something at a wifi router level? guess it could be quite simply be done using libcurl as it supports authentication just out of the box.

I am just been lazy here, i have a Asus n16 wifi router flashed to Tomato, and if the authentication can be taken care of in the router, we would be connected 24 hrs on any device..

BTW, are you able to connect to hathway login page using a mobile? i have not been able to do so yet, i can access the log in page only through a PC or laptops.


Kayash said...

Hey there,
answering for the above comment firstly, I am able to connect using my galaxy note, but it takes a hell of time on Firefox, also it can be done manually only.

I have used the 1.0.3 version and just now it glitched and di not connect to the net, even if i was able to view the login page on any browser,
I have reverted back to 1.0.1 and works fine


Anonymous said...

Thanks Anil but for some reason this tool is not working for me then I tried steps given in the below blog.

Best thing about this blog is that this guy has explained his code in plain and simple English which i can understand. His scripts are working for me.

Good Luck !!

Anonymous said...

Thank you,

Run perfectly on my windows7 machine. First i ran with out admin privilage there was some security issue and i tried with admin privilage it runs perfectly.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


The version 1.0.3 is not working on Win 7 64 bit, though version 1.0.1 actually is.

Here are some more enhancements that you can build into v 1.0.4:
a. Rectify the bug in 1.0.3 for win 7 64 bit users.
b. Provide ability to change the ping interval from 1 second. This will help guys who have cctv surveillance at home and want to keep track.
c. Give an option so that pressing the 'X" button does not close the program but minimises it to system tray. The program may be closed from the system tray though.

Anonymous said...

how can this made to run on a linux server? i read this in other post of yours. Please help, Anil.

Anonymous said...

does not work for windows 7 64bit any other way out


jobinelv said...

Hello Anil,
Can u share the source code of AHA i wanto develop and app for my android phone, i code in C#,javascript & linux.

jobin -

Neveille Wadia said...

is not available anymore

Anonymous said...

First Thank u very much !!

Hi i play online games... n this disconnet auto.. can u make interval more less like 5 sec its will be good for me... plz make n upload ... i ll be Thank full for u r works

Anonymous said...

Can post the source please...

Sameer Panchangam said...

Can you share the source code? Thanks.

Ritesh Raj Sarraf said...

Please set the cursor to the end of the page after every log you write to the text widget. In the current version, the cursor is always set to the top which is wrong when lots of log messages have piled up over hours/days.

Another issue I found was with the UI when run under Mono. If the network is unavailable (say your Cable modem is switched off), AHA tries to do a connect and freezes the UI. Since there is no network, the connect never happens and the UI remains frozen for ever. I am not sure if the same is the case on Windows, but on Linux I see this issue. Perhaps you need the UI and the Connector separated in different threads.

Anonymous said...

I have hathway connection and I want to share it on my mobile using Wifi. But to use hathway internet, I have to login to Hathway from desktop/laptop, then only I'm able to use wifi in android Mobile. Any solution for this issue? is not working from android mobile.
- Saran

Anonymous said...

ok i downloaded this yesterday, worked charms, since today evening its stopped working, won't connect, help

Rahul Desai said...

Hi Anil, I use the url to authenticate my hathway broadband modem. The issue is that I can login using the url and credentials, but I cannot logout after that. So if I need to connect the cable to a different PC I need to wait for the earlier logged session to expire.
Please suggest a method to logout sucessfully... Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Anil,

the program is working very nicely on Windows (and I just started using it on Ubuntu).

I have one request for you -
how can we get the following Text-to-Speech to work in Ubuntu - ?

If you get time, can you please make a blogpost about this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks worked perfectly

Anonymous said...

I have been using this from past few months nd it worked perfectly but It has stopped working from past few days.the app is not able to sign in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anil,

it works fine but i get a script error everytime the internet is activated. cna you suppress the script error in the code


Anonymous said...

works nicely on windows 7 but the script error comes up everytime when it connects to internet.